Neighborhood between Russia and Estonia
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Open space Platform of the project NarvaWatMan

NarvaWatMan is
Water Management of the Narva River: harmonization and sustention

Solutions based on sustainable water management objectives
will contribute developing an integrated approach of Estonia-Russia to the development of a transnational environmental management system.

The Open space Platform of the project was prepared with the financial support of the
Russia-Estonia Cross-Border Cooperation Program for the period 2014-2020.
The content is the sole responsibility of the State Unitary Enterprise "SF" Mineral "
and in no way reflects the position of the countries participating in the Program
and the European Union.

About the project
The objective of the NarvaWatMan project is to assess pollution from the border (Estonia-Russia) Narva River to the Gulf of Finland in order to protect the Baltic Sea's marine environment and preserve the ecological balance of the region, as well as to increase the environmental awareness of the population.

The project is being implemented with financial support from the Russia-Estonia Cross-Border Cooperation Program for the period
2014–2020 and in accordance with the Baltic Sea Environment Convention (HELCOM).
Main areas of work
November 12, 2019 in Ivangorod
2nd EcoMarathon started
(winter 2019-2020)

Winter EcoMaraphone directions:
Open Lecture
Teaching skills competition
Eco-week of achivements

January 29, 2020 in Sankt-Petersburg
had a working meeting of
2nd EcoMaraphone organisers

(winter 2019-2020)

February 14-21, 2020 in Ivangorod
2nd winter EcoMaraphon

June 11-12, 2020 in Ivangorod
had a working meeting of
3rd EcoMaraphone organisers
(summer 2020)
The 3rd Ecomarathon is planned to be held in Ivangorod on the Narove river at the end of August or in early September 2020 (date specified).

Details of the working meeting - by reference to the Kingisepp information portal.

Tallinn Technical University
Estonia, Tallinn

State Unitary Enterprise "SF "Mineral"
Russia, St. Petersburg

State Hydrological Institute
Russia, St. Petersburg
Narva City Government
Estonia, Narva
Municipality "City Ivangorod, Kingiseppsky Municipal District
of the Leningrad Region"
Russia, Ivangorod

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